REBos = sober

COMING SOON 2021 An addiction and mental well-being community that turns ME into WE at your fingertips.

REBOStoday Wellness APP.. coming soon 2021..

The 411 ~ REBOStoday

REBOStoday is a community of support and resources for the millions of loved ones that are affected

Sobriety happens more effectively when the community shares the same tools as the struggling individual.

We have several state of the art IP breakthroughs combined with an algorithm that is comparable to a matchmaking platform that will match people who will best give the support annonmously to stay sober.

The Food for thought.

REBOStoday is an app designed for people in recovery that enables users to find, listen or attend live meetings anytime, anywhere with the click of a button, you can speak with other likeminded people to support one another and provide encouragement during these challenging times.

What is Sobriety in this age of Social Distancing...

REBOStoday Is a social media start up directed at creating a community for people with alcohol and other drug dependency’s REBOStoday focuses on providing resources and support for the underlying issues of mental health, not only focusing on people struggling with underlying issues.

 Sobriety isn’t easy, It requires a tremendous amount of will-power and support from those around you. REBOStoday will be a community of support and resources for the millions of loved ones that are affected. We are building an AI machine named Akron, that will best match you with the person who is going through the same issues you are, who can give you the experience, strength and hope to stay Treatment. Not only is REBOS, Sober spelled backwards, its a way of life created of a community of support and resources that gives tools and a clear direction to reach your full potential in life, everyday. Because alcohol is but a symptom of the overall issue of mental health.

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A Wellness App.. for Recovery & Everyone Else...

 Sobriety isn’t easy, it has been a long time in the making but we're making huge strides on bringing sorority to you in the palm of your hand.
There are no direct competitors to our comprehensive solution. While AA and treatment centers are somewhat related to REBOStoday, we consider ourselves complementary to their offerings.

The Team

REBOStoday will use a machine drivenneural network to connect the users throughout the community with people that match the rebos friend or mentor that is tailored to your specific issues. REBOStoday offers the ability to have interactive meetings with people that are suffering from your same disease or the disease of someone you love generated from artificial intelligence to ensure the best fit. REBOStoday will still offer hundereds of regular meetings that many people in AA are already a part of with the ability to stream your local meetings to everyone across the world.  The best part about meetings online is the ability to be completely anonymous.  People from small towns or places with few meetings will now have access to the tools gained during live conversations that so many have missed. 

REBOStoday is here to help someone looking to help themselves and find a better way to live.


Empowering the recovery & bringing their inner beauty to life